Professional Bodies


Indian Biomedical Skill Consortium (IBSC) formed to strengthen biomedical skill sector in the country.

With the aim to strengthen biomedical skill sector in the country, Indian Biomedical Skill Consortium (IBSC) was formed recently. Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ), Quality Council of India (QCI) and Association of Indian Manufacturers of Medical Devices (AIMED), joined hands to form the Consortium.

IBSC proposes to develop an equivalence system of value-based assessment covering educational training, work experience and competency possessed by practitioners of biomedical engineering skills

A large number of assessment centers are being planned across country where competency test would be organized.

The competency test on key biomedical engineering skills would be undertaken by practitioners of biomedical engineering from mechanical, electronic, electrical, health, IT, clinical and allied engineering subjects.

On the basis of that, a competency score would be framed on parity with other such professional bodies in other countries. This equivalence score will help the Indian biomedical skill pool to gain formal recognition and acceptance of their experience and knowledge in other countries .