Science and Humanities

About the Department

  • The Department of Science and Humanities has been functioning since 2005. The department aims at creating students who will become experts in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with an understanding of concepts of science, especially in areas relevant to Engineering and Technology and it teaches them Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills to communicate efficiently in English.
  • The Department of Science and Humanities is a primal department which consists of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry disciplines. All the disciplines in the department exist as a separate division and maintain individual identities. The varied disciplines provide the students with the knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English fundamentals. Developing moral behaviour among the students, utilizing human resources and coordinating academic responsibilities are the exclusive potentials of the department.
  • The Department accomplishes transforming young aspiring minds into determined freshman engineers through Outcome Based Education. Besides, the department teaches students a positive ethos through Value-Based Education.
  • The Department has highly equipped laboratories to uplift the students’ practical knowledge and ICT tool enabled smart classroom for interactive learning. S&H department enhances students’ creativity through Project Based Learning and it facilitates the students to win accolades in IELTS, Linguaskill and GATE by providing training sessions. The department provides ample resources and a serene ambience for the readers and conducts social-related extension activities like State level quiz competitions and motivational programmes for Higher Secondary school students.

Programmes Offered

Vision & Mission

  • The Faculty of Science & Humanities aims at Academic and Professional Excellence in the area of Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, and Engineering Mathematics & English Language along with the holistic development of the students. It intends to provide value-based education and quality research with total commitment and interdisciplinary approaches so that it can produce socially responsible citizens.
  • To become a reputed centre of learning in Department of S & H and transform the students into accomplished professionals.
  • “We envision an institute where every student receives a holistic humanities education at the core of academic learning and get equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their professional careers and in other spheres of life in which they are expected to make a contribution”.
  • To impart the basic and comprehensive knowledge of Applied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering subjects and explore the skills of the students in the field of technical education.
  • To make S&H Department a model of excellence in multi disciplinary branches of engineering by inculcating knowledge of Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Engineering Fundamentals and Professional Ethics so that the graduates can thrive and contribute to an ever changing global society.

To develop an advanced comprehensive talent in the students of Science and Humanities through Innovative and Sustainable academic programmes.

  • To produce dynamic individuals who can train young minds to meet the challenges of the modern world.
  • To conduct quality research and projects on various aspects of the Science and Humanities and collect educational statistics to develop information.
  • To equip individuals with a contemporary set of skills to deal with life as effectively as possible and to nurture our students to understand the nature and needs of life.
  • To motivate learners in the realization and actualization of his/her genuine capabilities so that they can be important contributors to a larger institutional mission.
  • To encourage research-based approaches and analytical mindset in the area of Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics & English Language.


Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
  • To develop a learning community where we learn, work and respect each other.
  • To provide concrete foundation of engineering education using model tools and laboratories for teaching Mathematics, Basic Sciences and Engineering fundamentals.
  • To provide futuristic support to Students, especially, in technical education, through practical implications of various subjects; teaching them ethics and values, at the same time, enhancing their communication skills and equipping them with Communication Skills; thereby, helping them achieve their full potential.
  • Student-centered teaching that emphasizes engaging and challenging course work, assignment based learning and intellectually sound instruction.
  • To inculcate the spirit of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop a good citizen and a good human being through all round development.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • To provide a learning ambience to nurture the young minds with theoretical and practical knowledge to produce employable and competent engineers.
  • To inculcate awareness of societal needs, continuous learning and professional practices.
  • To imbibe team spirit and leadership qualities among students.
Program Outcomes (POs)
  • To heighten the educational standards of the students in the field of Applied science.
  • To implement and instruct different educational plans, undertaken by the government, which are relevant to the regional and the national needs.
  • The School of Humanities and Sciences prepares students to lead productive and fulfilled lives while working toward a just and sustainable world.

Advisory Committee

Department Program Advisory Committee (DPAC)

Board of Studies

Members of the Board of Studies

List of Laboratories


Equipped with the modern device of latest technology like Teacher and Student Consoles, Headphones, Audio-Visual Aids etc., The Language Laboratory exposes the students to English language and provides them various opportunities to speak, comprehend and apply English language effectively. Globarena English lab software is installed to enrich students’ Vocabulary and Professional Presentation. It provides English teaching content in three levels i.e. Basic, Intermediate and Advance, in which we provide two consoles; Teacher console and Student console. In Teacher console one can assign exercises, exams, and view results and in Student console one can log in and study as well as practice exercises. English Language Lab aims at facilitating the learning of English language as skill based and to hone the fundamental skills like Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing of the students. The emphasis is laid on learning the correct pronunciations, stress patterns, intonation and accent to confront interviews and group discussions for various jobs and higher studies. English Language Lab helps the students to build their confidence and proficiency in the language.

Digital Contents in the Lab

  • English Mastery
  • Active Grammar
  • Face2face
  • Pronunciation Power
  • Business Vocabulary
  • Professional Presentation

The resources available in the English Laboratory are the following:

  • 1. Full-fledged Language Laboratory
  • 2. 60 computers
  • 3. The main console
  • 4. Teacher console
  • 5. Student console
  • 6. Globarena Language software
  • 7. Headphones
  • 8. Audio-Visual Aids
  • 9. Television etc.


Physics laboratory is spaciously built and equipped with modern equipment’s pertaining to the curriculum and syllabi of Anna University Chennai. The lab is equipped with sufficient number of instruments in each experiment in order to provide a separate set of instruments to all the students while performing the experiment.

The resources available in the physics laboratory are the following:

  • Laser kit for diffraction studies.
  • Ultrasonic Interferometer
  • Semiconductor band gap determination
  • Torsion Pendulum for Rigidity Modulus measurement
  • Air-Wedge
  • Young’s Modulus apparatus
  • Simple Harmonic Oscillator


The Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with various instruments as per the curriculum and syllabi of Anna University Chennai. It provides a practical approach towards the various techniques used in engineering application. Practical awareness is inculcated and students are trained during the lab sessions so that their understanding and problem solving abilities can be enhanced. Major equipments available in the chemistry laboratory are:

  • Digital spectrophotometer
  • Flame photometer
  • Digital conductivity meter
  • Digital potentiometer
  • Deionizer
  • Digital PH meter
  • Magnetic stirrer with hot plate.

Faculty & Staff

S. No. Name Designation Name of the Department
1 Mrs. A. Naseem Banu Assistant Professor English
2 Mr. P. Rajan Assistant Professor English
3 Dr. B. Balaji Assistant Professor English
4 Mr. C. Cibi Assistant Professor English
5 Mrs. S. Joyce Esther Assistant Professor English
6 Mr. N. Anbumani Assistant Professor Mathematics
7 Mr. P. Kathiravan Assistant Professor Mathematics
8 Dr. T. Raja Assistant Professor Mathematics
9 Dr. D. Vidhya Assistant Professor Mathematics
10 Mrs .K. Elavarasi Assistant Professor Mathematics
11 Mrs. S. Kokila Assistant Professor Mathematics
12 Dr. V. Madhuri Assistant Professor Mathematics
13 Mr. M. Dineshkumar Assistant Professor Mathematics
14 Dr. A. Prabhu Associate Professor Physics
15 Mr. M. Ayyanar Assistant Professor Physics
16 Mr. A. Ashokkumar Assistant Professor Physics
17 Mrs. P. Priya Assistant Professor Physics
18 Dr. M. Gnanasekaran Assistant Professor Physics
19 Dr. G. Marimuthu Assistant Professor Physics
20 Mrs. Helan Margret Joy Assistant Professor Chemistry
21 Dr. C. Kamal Assistant Professor Chemistry
22 Ms. P. Sangeetha Assistant Professor Chemistry
23 Mr. J. Noorul Ameen Assistant Professor Chemistry
24 Mr. R. Ramesh Assistant Professor Chemistry
25 Mrs. A. Arthy Assistant Professor Chemistry
S. No. Name Designation Name of the Department
1. Mrs. V. Ezhilarasi Lab Assistant Chemistry



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Guest Lecture


National pollution control day

Dr. Vihangraj V. Kulkarni
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
National Institute of Silchar, Assam



Science Day -2022 Celebration


Science Day -2022 Celebration




Science Day -2023 Celebration


Science Day -2022 Celebration



Number of Research Publications of the faculty members during the last five years
  • Academic year 2022-2023 : 3
  • Academic year 2021-2022 : 8
  • Academic year 2020-2021 : 3
  • Academic year 2019-2020 : 1
  • Academic year 2018-2019 : 1



Department of Science and Humanities

Mahendra College of Engineering,

Mahendra Salem Campus,

Chennai Main Road, Minnampalli, Salem,

Tamil Nadu 636106.

Phone: (0427) 2482884