Library Server: AUTOLIB
Version: 5.1 SQL
Library Networks Membership: DELNET
  • No. of systems : 12
  • Membership: DELNET
  • No. of users per day : 16.17%
  • NPTEL video lessons, e-books (1500+)
  • Library automation: AUTOLIB, Version 5 SQL
  • Lib services on intranet and internet with 64 Mbps Bandwidth
  • Computerization for search, indexing, issue/return

The Institutional Library is equipped with books, journals and fully automated with bar-coded environment. Digital Library with efficient search tools such as OPAC, DELNET is available. OPAC is the Library management software (LMS) that has been developed to handle basic housekeeping functions of a library. An LMS usually comprises a relational database, software to interact with that database, and two graphical user interfaces, i.e., one for administrator/staff and other for patrons. By this software, student's can able to view the collection of books, Journals, AV Resources, Question Banks etc.,
This software packages provide sophisticated search facility to its users along with maximum user services. This OPAC software packages are distributed applications, i.e., programs that run on more than one computer and communicate through a network or server. So many students can make use of this OPAC software for their needs. The OPAC of the LMS enables users to search the library's collection and take advantage of online services. Most LMS packages have the facility of patron login, book suggestion, book reserve or hold, and other similar services in their OPAC functionality. This software is automatically calculating the fine amount for the students who did not renewal the book within the stipulated time period. Barcode Identity card is provided to the user for library related transactions.

OPAC Software provides following modules for easy access of library
  • Book Search Module
  • Journals Search Module
  • Students Login
  • Book Issued Information
  • Student's Books Returned Information