Smart Classes

ICT Enabled Smart Classes

ICT Smart Class room is an innovative teaching learning tools which brings explanatory content into visually attractive content by integrating learning technology such as computers with Internet connectivity, learning management system (LMS), audio & video systems, and LCD projector with whiteboard. Collaborative learning environment, simple, friendly and non-intimidating classroom technology inspires the presenters who rely on improvisation, spontaneity and audience participation.
This helps the faculty members to effectively deliver the subjects with graphical components (charts, graphs, etc), animations and simulations etc. This tool can make the faculty members to easily implement the method of pedagogy. Students can have a learning environment which supports collaborative learning through simulation and live interaction. This facility increases the learning interest of the students in studies. All the computer systems have internet connection and Wi-Fi connection facilities.

Benefits of Smart Class Rooms
  • Access Internet & Intranet Resources at anytime, anywhere in college premises
  • Ease of understanding by slow learners
  • Makes learning enjoyable with friendly environment to students
  • Improves the academic performance
Innovative Teaching Learning Methods
  • Lecture Capturing System (LCS)
  • Digital Smart Interactive board based Lecture
  • Anna University EDUSAT Live Programme
  • IIT-Bombay Spoken Tutorial
  • NPTEL Local Chapter
  • Webinar organized by Infosys Campus Connect Programme
  • Activity based Learning