Best Practices

Best Practices


Faculty will give their technical presentations as per the schedule prepared for this purpose. The topic of presentation may be selected based on recent technological developments in engineering domain. And the topic may be included in any of their specialised technical domain such as journal publications, patent laws, patent drafting for beginners, etc. End of the session / presentation there will be a feed back to evaluate the understanding of the individuals /teachers. It keeps the faculty members updated on current trends related to innovation, Research and patents in the field of Science, Engineering and Technology. It facilitates knowledge transfer on other engineering branches of study among the faculty members. It increases the interaction level of the faculty members on multidisciplinary engineering under a common forum. Confidence level of the staff members will increase. It creates a competitive environment among the faculty to make better presentations. In spite of so many advantages, allocation of time for all the faculty on a regular basis was a major problem encountered.


Faculty will give their recorded lectures of hard topics on each subject. The same will be uploaded in the systems present in library. Students can come to library and watch the video lectures when they are free. Hence students’ understanding level and confidence level will improve. Through this practice, the areas of interest of the faculty member who presented their topics are also well exhibited and their strengths can be well utilized. This event has created a competitive environment among the staff to make better video presentations. Faculty can view their own video presentations and can improve it regularly and can make better version of them.

Student Entrepreneurship while doing course

Allowing students to start working on innovative ideas while they are in College, will make them contribute significantly to the growth of a robust entrepreneurial system in the society.

InDeL- Inter Department Lecture series

Lecture by the faculty members to disseminate their knowledge with the students of other department to provide exposure on inter-disciplinary areas for possible real-time knowledge transfer.

FISHing – Faculty Idea Sharing

Implementation of innovative ideas by the faculty members and students.

The other methods used to improve the student knowledge are

Motivating the student to do Project work in industries
Undergoing Industrial visits, Field work/ Internships
Participating in Technical Seminars, Symposiums, Technical workshops, Group discussions, etc.
Providing access to e-journals and e-books
Active learning through NPTEL courses


MAHENDRA EQUIP 360° is a distinctive quality practice followed in the Institution to bring out 360° growth in every student. The slow learners will be given with additional coaching with the extra care to elevate as advanced learners. All the advanced learners will undergo a practical enriched training program in core Industries for 360 hours.
The process for this program is as follows:

  • Department will have the panel of industries for this program.
  • MoU will be signed by the Department with the Industries.
  • Students can also choose research organizations and Government laboratories for the training in addition to the industries.
  • Students will be allotted a particular industry for the training in every semester at least for 60 hours to the maximum of 90 hours.
  • The students shall report the type and progress of the training to the guide in regular intervals and seek his/her advice.
  • This will be practiced from third semester to seventh semester to cover 360 hours of training. Successful completion of training will yield certification from Industry.

The students will get an opportunity to do their final year project in the industry where they trained. The Department shall nominate staff member(s) to facilitate, guide and supervise students under this scheme. The outcome of this programme will create industry ready Engineers with appropriate skill set and will pave a path for job opportunities in the industry where they trained.