Mahendra College of Engineering established a Women Empowerment Cell in September 2013 to empower women and help them in all walks of life.


  • Maintaining and strengthening the status of Women.


  • To create awareness of feminine potential.


  • To create social awareness about the problems of women and in particular regarding gender discrimination.
  • To develop the self confidence of Women.
  • To guide about Women Welfare Laws.
  • To assert the importance of spiritual, economic, social, racial and gender equality.
  • To highlight the importance of health and hygiene.
  • To directs Women’s role in the society. To develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality development.
  • To organize seminars, workshops relating to women development.
  • To prevent sexual harassment and to promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non teaching women staff of the College.
  • To provide and maintain a dignified, congenial working environment for women employees and students, where they can work, study and explore their potential to the fullest.


  • Create social awareness about the problems of women and in particular regarding gender discrimination.
  • Encourage participation of working in the area of women’s development in the activities of the Cell.
  • Organize seminars, workshops for creating general awareness and orientation of students, teachers, and non-teaching staff for their active and sustained participation in the activities of Cell.
  • Organize various types of training programmes and create awareness about self-employment schemes for the encouragement of self-reliance among women.



  • To encourage involvement through academic, cultural and outreach activities such as talks, seminars, workshops, community action, drama, street theatre, poster-making etc.
  • To become a resource centre for women and provide a forum for exchange of ideas.
  • To review safety and security measures for female employees and girl students at Francis Xavier Engineering college campus.
  • The cell intends to bring girl students to the forefront of different activities in the college by offering various facilities and benefits to them. It provides a platform for the female students to explore their co-curricular abilities.

Members of the Women Empowerment Cell
S.No Name of the Member Position Department Phone/WhatsApp Number Email id
1 Dr.N. Mohana Sundara Raju Chairperson Dean-Academics 9443695412 dean.academic@mahendracollege.com
2 Dr.M.Suganthi Coordinator Prof & HoD / ECE 9677439139 hodece@mahendracollege.com
3 Ms. G.Shyamala Staff member BME 9952673297 shyamalag@mahendracollege.com
4 Indhuja.A CSE 8778974211 indhujabtech14@gmail.com
5 K.Jayanthi ECE 7904726070 kjayanthimce@gmail.com
6 Mrs.M.Inbaarasi EEE 8870701473 inbaarasivijayan@gmail.com
7 Dr.T.Akila IT 9894857325 hodit@mahendracollege.com
8 A. Naseem Banu ENGLISH 9787454632 naseembanuanb@gmail.com
9 Madhusri V(III Year), Student members BME 9342133638 madhusri13102001@gmail.com
10 Bhavadharani. M(II Year) BME 8610266459 mbhavadharani23@gmail.Com
11 KEERTHANA G CSE 8248121221 keerthanagopi62@gmail.com
12 JAYASANGARI S CSE 9944775414 kumarselva6118@gmail.com
13 S.Sathwegameena EEE 7540065319 sathwegam@gmail.com
14 ABINAYA M IT 7708648900 abinayamailvannan002@gmail.com
15 R.Charulatha ECE 8110970789 rechelcharu@gmail.com
16 B.Preethi ECE 6385641854 Preethibabu12@gmail.com
Programme List:
S.No Categories Title of the Programme Resource Person Duration No of Participants Attended
1. Webinar My Journey - From Village Girl to Toxicologist Dr. Santhini Ramasamy
Senior Advisor and Program Support Coordinator,
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
Center for Public Health & Environment,
District of Columbia
(05.30pm to 06.30pm)
(Internal Participants)
2. Webinar Womens Day Celebration – வையத்தலைமைகொள் Mrs.R.Sasikala,
Director, The Accent,
English Communication Academy
(11.00am to 12.00pm)
(Internal Participants)
3. Webinar Stay Strong With Resilience And Hope Dr. Manjula Sularia
Life Skills Coach Director – Prasanchetas Foundation
CEO- The Transformers Value Creators Chandigarh, India.
(03.00pm to 04.00pm)
(Internal and External Participants)
4. International Webinar Empowerment  of Research Culture  for Female Teachers Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara
Undersecretary for Research and Development,
Department of Science and Technology,      
Bicutan, Taguig City, Philippines
(10.30am to 11.30am)
(Internal Participants)