Internal Complaints Committee

Internal Complaints Committee


Mahendra College of Engineering is committed to provide the effective enforcement of the basic human right of gender equality and guarantee against sexual harassment and abuse, more particularly against sexual harassment at work places, As per UGC guidelines, the committee has established permanent cell and to develop guidelines to combat sexual harassment, violence against women and ragging at the college. Keeping the above guidelines Mahendra College of Engineering has constituted a Committee against Sexual Harassment

The Objectives of the committee is to:

  • To develop guidelines and norms for policies against sexual harassment.
  • To work out details for the implementation of these policies.
  • To prepare a detailed plan of actions, both short and long term.
  • To organize gender sensitization awareness programme.
  • To deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment in a time bound manner, aiming to ensure support services to the victimized.

Members of the Committee


Name of the Faculty


Phone Number

Email Id

1. Dr.M.Suganthi Presiding Officer 9443304386
2. Dr.H.Lilly Beaulah Member 9487792406
3. Dr.S.Rajalaxmi Member 9865147730
4. Dr.T.Akila, HoD-IT Member 9894857325
5. Prof.A.Naseem Banu Member 9384930487
6. Dr.V.Madhuri Member 9578186809
7. Mrs.M.Inbaarasi Member 8124331872
8. Mrs.V.Visalakshi Member 9790619877
9. Mrs.K.Maragatham Member 8870268752
10. Ms.K.Chitra Member 9943445606
11. Ms.D.Prithika Student Representative 9360353065
12. Ms.S.Gnanapriya Student Representative 8883204344
13. Ms.D.S.Sindhuja Student Representative 6385776270

For Complaints, Please submit the form in the link: