Mahendra Academy for Career Development

Placement training plays a major role in shaping up the career goals of students. It is the dream of every engineering student to get placed in top organizations.

At present, the competition for employment is increasing every day and placement has become a challenging task. Training of students and equipping them with life skills has become an important responsibility of the institution. Along with technical expertise, development of a holistic personality is also necessary. To meet out these requirements and to create odds for the students those who are willing to compete for additional professional courses such as UPSC examinations, GRE, IELTS, TOFEL, BEC, CAT, GMAT, TNPSC, TNEB etc, additional coaching is being given in our institution.

The "Soft Skill Development" Programme has been made compulsory from the first to Final year students. They are constantly been encouraged and given coaching to appear in Civil Services Examinations. This programme is assisted by Mahendra Educational Trust. A Coaching Centre has been established in the Mahendra College of Engineering to serve the purpose.

Coaching is also arranged from external agencies to enable students to take up GRE, TOEFL & IELTS examinations which are the prerequisites to get admission into American Universities.

These efforts have certainly enhanced students' employability, overall development and yielded considerable increase in placements.

Bridge Course

English is the language of science, medical and engineering field. It is the most common language spoken everywhere. Engineering is the biggest field of study in the world .Students of engineering has to face a lot of global challenges in order to attain success in their career. Bridge Course for the first year B.E. students is a splendid curriculum specified by Anna University .Bridge course in English covers all the four basic skills (LSR) in order to attain a language in a prompt manner.

Listening skill can be given enough exposure to the students through the pre recorded voices. For the Speaking skills, the students can be provoked to speak in the classrooms and many activities can be conducted such as GDs , Debates ,Dumb charades ,Extempore, Vocabulary quizzes , Run to the board ,mind mapping ,spin the yarn to cheer and motivate the students. Reading skill of all kinds can be taken into deliberation and exercises on skimming, scanning, extensive reading and intensive reading should be introduced to the students. Writing skill plays a major role in day to day life. So the different kinds of letter should be introduced with formal and informal formats. The argumentative paragraph writing, descriptive paragraph, and expository writing can also be commenced.

Students should be segregated according to their ability level and a peer group should be formed so that they can break up from their shyness and easily mingle with everyone. These are the ways in which each and every student of engineering can be trained to acquire their communication skills in a better way.