Governing Council

Academic and Administrative Committees

S.No. Name Frequency of the meetings
1. Governing Council Once in a year
2. Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC) Once in 3 months
3. Women empowerment Cell As and when required
4. Anti Ragging committee Once in a year or as and when required
5. Planning and Monitoring Committee Once in a year
6. Cultural Committee Once in a year
7. Sports Committee Once in a year
8. Library Advisory Committee Once/Twice in a semester

Members of the Governing Council

S.No Name Status
1. Shri.M.G.Bharathkumar, Chairman, Mahendra Educational Trust Chairman
2. Mrs.B.Valliammal, Secretary, Mahendra Educational Trust Member
3. Er.Ba.Mahendhiran, Managing Director, Mahendra Educational Trust Member
4. Shri.B.Maha Ajay Prasath, Managing Director, Mahendra Educational Trust Member
5. Dr.R.Samson Ravindran, Executive Director, Mahendra Engineering Colleges. Member
6. Dr. N.Mohanasundararaju, Dean – Academics, Mahendra College of Engineering. Member
7. Dr.V.Ponniyinselvan, Professor, Mahendra College of Engineering. Member
8. Mr.G.Sivasubramaniam, M/s Velavar Constructions, Salem Member
9. To be nominated Member
10. To be nominated Member
11. To be nominated Member
12. Dr N.Malmurugan Principal, Mahendra College of Engineering Member Secretary

Roles & Responsibilities of Governing Council members

The Council is responsible for formulating the policies of the institution, framing the vision and mission statements and providing the right direction to the institute. The members with their huge academic, administrative and research experience provide the institution right direction from time to time.

Governing Body meetings

S.No. Academic Year No. of meetings conducted
1 2013-14 01
2 2014-15 01
3 2015-16 01
4 2016-17 01
5 2017-18 01